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Who We Are

Joe Hornstein

Meet the CEO of PACKAGED: Joe Hornstein

Prior to PACKAGED, CEO Joe Hornstein had spent many years in the packaging industry. His earliest memories are from when he worked alongside his father at their family packaging business (fun fact: Joe’s father co-developed the packaging peanut). After college, Joe went to work in various roles at large packaging-centric companies. During this time, he witnessed firsthand the extremely slow lead times, lack of innovation in custom and sustainable solutions, and disregard for the connection between the retailer and its customers. Recognizing that the packaging industry needed to be overhauled and modernized to today’s standards of technology and transparency, in 2014, Joe set out to create a company that would later be known as PACKAGED.

At PACKAGED, our philosophy is simple. We believe that packaging is more than just a commodity and we are on a mission to modernize beyond the box. We have created a streamlined packaging process, delivered a new age view to capture and support a much-needed lost engagement segment, and have created a proprietary software system that connects our clients to their customers. The PACKAGED team brings many years of expertise and diligent focus to each and every project so that we can provide the best possible solutions for our family of clients.

Our services: consulting, creative design, fulfillment, and distribution.

Our specialties: packaging, graphic design, retail, e-commerce, and brand partnerships.

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